Criminal Defense for Immigration

While none of our attorneys are “immigration lawyers”, Our lawyers represent clients that are undocumented and have been charged with a crime in Arizona. If you or a loved one from Mexico or other Latin-American country are here in the United States living and/or working illegally, any charge you may be faced with comes with an added layer of complexity. We know how to handle cases where Immigration and deportation are real threats. We can help you.

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We are dedicated to working the underlying criminal charge for our clients and ensure that you have the very best possibility of remaining in this country legally. This often times results in the necessity of an immigration attorney but it is very important to understand that there are two issues involved with these charges: the underlying criminal charge and pending federal immigration issues. We specialize in taking care of the underlying criminal charge and then help you find honest and competent immigration counsel.

Many charges, even ones that appear “simple,” can carry with them serious immigration consequences. For example, even criminal traffic tickets such as:

  1. Driving on a suspended license
  2. Driving without a license
  3. Criminal Speed
  4. Aggressive Speed

all have potential immigration penalties. For that reason, it is important to contact one of our Arizona Criminal Defense Attorneys right away, before you go to court, to make sure you are well-informed of all your rights and options.

It is important for those looking for a criminal defense lawyer to understand that no two cases are the same. We explore all evidence, potential witnesses, police reports and any other source of information we can use to help get the best outcome possible for every case. We believe that it is essential that you be kept well-informed.

We know our clients names and almost always their families and family dynamic. We work tirelessly to provide all that is within our power for you or your loved one. We are very aware that when you need our services, it is the most important challenge in your life, and we handle your case with that thought in mind.

We are dedicated to you, and hand in hand we achieve the best result possible.

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