Drivers’ Attitude Towards State Driving Laws

Some Arizona drivers often look upon traffic laws with disdain. People stress the negative aspects of laws in Arizona rather than the positive. However, these laws are for everyone’s benefit. Traffic laws are in place to save lives. Without laws, anarchy would reign supreme, and driving would be the least of our troubles. You may have wondered why the police stopped you instead of someone else who seemed to have committed the same violation. It’s simple – the officer had to choose someone. In a way, it is like fishing – with so many fish in the sea, only a few can ever be caught at a given time. The presence of law enforcement, however, does help to deter drivers from traffic violations and modify their driving behavior. On average, drivers violate traffic laws over 400 times before they are actually cited. The occasional citation they do receive, in addition to participation in a traffic safety program, usually reminds drivers that safer driving habits are needed.

Road Rage

Photograph of a man about to tire iron a car

“Road Rage” is a rapidly increasing problem affecting America’s drivers.

Aggressive driving, particularly “Road Rage,” is a rapidly increasing problem affecting America’s drivers. This behavior is sometimes provoked by the action of drivers when they tailgate, cut off others on the road, or use rude hand gestures. In most cases, however, road rage stems from the pre-existing attitude or mood of the drivers prior to getting behind the wheel. People often get into a vehicle when they are stressed or angry, and then take out their problems on others with aggressive driving behavior. Many drivers ignore the law, become discourteous, and have a basic disregard for others, often causing collisions or even fatalities. The preferred and suggestion on how to deal with a situation of road rage is to avoid the problem situation altogether and leave the scene as quickly as possible. Do not allow another’s anger and ignorance affect you. The safest thing is to use your own good sense and protect your life. Many road rage killings result from drivers using guns or even their own vehicles against others on the road! You should seek out an Arizona road rage attorney if you have been arrested for road rage.

Aggressive Driving

ARS § 28-695 states that a person commits an aggressive driving offense if the person is speeding, commits at least two violations, and creates an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle. The violations include unsafe lane changing, failure to obey traffic control device, overtaking on the right by driving off the pavement, following a vehicle too closely, and failure to yield the right-of-way. A first conviction for aggressive driving is a class one misdemeanor resulting in probation and anywhere from zero to 6 months imprisonment and a possible driver license suspension of 30 days. In addition, the court will require attendance and successful completion of an approved traffic survival school training and educational session that is designed to improve the safety habits of drivers. ARS § 28-693 states that reckless driving entails driving in a reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property. Conviction of the reckless driving law will result in a term of imprisonment of up to 4 months and a possible driver license suspension of up to 90 days. A second conviction of either law will result in more severe penalties.

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