Aggravated DUI Lawyer in Glendale AZ

As the name implies, an Aggravated DUI is a much more serious charge than a DUI or Extreme DUI. An aggravated DUI is considered a felony in Arizona and if convicted, you can face significant fines and prison time.

There are a few reasons that a DUI may be elevated to an aggravated DUI. If you receive a DUI while your license is suspended, canceled, restricted, or revoked, the prosecution will elevate your case to an aggravated DUI. Your case will also be elevated if it is your third conviction within a 7 year period or if a child is a passenger in your car.

An aggravated DUI charge can carry up to a 6-year prison sentence. Additionally, you may face fines upwards of $6,000 in addition to paying to have an interlock device to be installed in your vehicle. Your driving privileges can be revoked for 3 years and you can face up to 5 years of probation. You will also have to undergo screenings to determine how bad your issued are with drugs and alcohol and treatment to address your issues.

Unlike the first offense for a regular DUI, courts in Chandler, Arizona don’t offer much leniency. But will an experienced DUI attorney on your side, you will be equipped to tackle your aggravated DUI charge. Often times, DUI cases come down to technicalities that our team at The Hogle Firm know how to spot. Our relationships with local judges and prosecutors as Chandler DUI Attorneys will be invaluable to your case and can help ensure that your aggravated DUI doesn’t wreak havoc on your life. If you have been charged with a DUI of any kind, get in touch for a free consultation of your case. As your aggravated DUI defense attorney, we will work hard to fight for your rights and get you the judgment you deserve.

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