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Who Is The Best DUI Attorney in Mesa AZ?

The team at The Hogle Law Firm are experienced DUI defense attorneys in Mesa, Arizona. They have been representing clients with misdemeanor and felony DUI charges in the East Valley for over a decade.

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Dana Hogle

Dana Hogle is the founder of The Hogle Law Firm. He graduated Suma cum laude from Arizona State University and received his J.D. from Cal Western School of Law in San Diego, CA.

The Right DUI Lawyer For The Right Case

The Hogle Law Firm in Mesa has the very best DUI attorneys our city can offer, given the facts of your case, your current financial situation, and many other factors, The Hogle Law Firm team may be the best DUI lawyers for you, right now. In the end, that is all that matters. Whether or not we can successfully represent famous celebrities, government officials, or someone with a different fact pattern than yours is, as we say in the legal world – completely irrelevant.

We can provide legal counsel and representation on almost any criminal issue in the following local courts:

  • Mesa Municipal Court
  • Maricopa County Superior Court – Southeast Court (SE)
  • Maricopa County Juvenile Court – Southeast Facility (JUV SE/SEJ)
  • Mesa Superior Court
  • East Mesa Justice Court
  • North Mesa Justice Court
  • West Mesa Justice Court
  • Other courts in nearby cities

You need to stay out of jail, you need to keep your job, and you need to avoid any of the life-altering consequences you now face. You don’t want a big-name law firm that will hand your case off to another, junior attorney. And you certainly don’t want a DUI lawyer whose experience mainly comes from handling cases in Phoenix courts or somewhere else nearby – but not in the city of Mesa. Let us know if you have a legal matter pending in any of these courts. Give us a call today and find out how The Hogle Law Firm may be the perfect fit for your case.

Affordable Legal Fees for your DUI Defense

Hiring the best DUI attorney in Mesa for a serious criminal case can be expensive. We understand that every client is coming from different circumstances in a tough economy, but we also believe that every person has the right to the best legal defense available. Because of our experience dealing with so many types of cases and clients, we are able to offer affordable legal fees and financing when needed. That way you can be sure you get the best legal defense when it matters the most.

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Client Education

One of the unique aspects we have as criminal defense lawyers in Arizona is our dedication to keeping our clients informed. From your initial consultation to the day your case is closed, our staff will answer your questions candidly and confidently. We believe that providing clients with access to accurate information regarding the laws and policies involved benefits everyone. The information below is our crash course on some of the basic concepts that will play a large part in your life over the next several months.

Mesa DUI Laws, Fines & Penalties

Fines and penalties for a DUI conviction vary depending on the severity of the accusations and facts of the case. Arizona law identifies different levels of impaired driving including Extreme and Aggravated DUI and provides parameters for monetary assessments and jail time to be served upon conviction.

Driving Under The Influence: A.R.S. 28-1381

Article 3 of Chapter 4 of the Transportation Law of the Arizona Revised Statutes defines “driving under the influence”. For questions about legal levels of blood alcohol content (BAC) and definitions of “impaired”, “physical control of the vehicle”, etc., please contact our office to discuss with an attorney. Section 1381 violations are Class 1 Misdemeanors and may include the following penalties when found guilty:

  • Not less than ten consecutive days in jail.
  • A fine of not less than $250.
  • An additional assessment of $500.
  • Another assessment of $500.
  • Suspension or revocation of driving privileges.
  • Equip any motor vehicle the person operates with a certified ignition interlock device.
  • May be ordered by a court to perform community restitution.

Full statute: //

Extreme DUI: A.R.S. 28-1382

Impaired drivers with BAC of .15 and higher may be charged with Extreme DUI, a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Those pleading guilty or otherwise convicted may be required to fulfill the following penalties:

  • Not less than thirty consecutive days in jail.
  • A fine of $250 – $500.
  • An additional assessment of $250.
  • Another assessment of $1,000
  • Another assessment of $1,000
  • Suspension or revocation of driving license.
  • Equip any motor vehicle the person operates with a certified ignition interlock device.
  • May be ordered by a court to perform community restitution.

Repeat offenders (all classes of DUI charges) face additional penalties and fines. Full statute: //

Aggravated DUI: A.R.S. 28-1383

Charges of Aggravated DUI are reserved for repeat offenders and those committing DUI or Extreme DUI while their license privileges are suspended, revoked, or otherwise restricted. Aggravated DUI can be a Class 4 or Class 6 Felony. Penalties include:

  • Minimum 1-year license revocation.
  • Interlock device on a vehicle(s) for an extended time.
  • A fine of $250.
  • A fine of $750.
  • Assessment of $1,500.
  • Another assessment of $1,500.

Read the full statute here: //

Maricopa County DUI Policies

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office prosecutes all DUI cases in the city of Mesa. They prosecute over 1,300 DUI cases every year through their Vehicular Crimes Bureau and are known to have some of the most stringent impaired driving policies in the country, not just the state. The Bureau prosecutes crimes involving motor vehicle collisions and incidents in which drivers are found to be driving recklessly or driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication (DUI) as well as cases where drivers illegally flee the scene of injury accidents and collisions.

In addition to participating in DUI task forces, the Vehicular Crimes Bureau has a dedicated repeat offender program (ROP) aimed at keeping drivers with multiple DUI offenses off the roads which includes DUI Court.

Mesa DUI Court

DUI Court is a specialty court of Maricopa County’s Superior Court. It is a function that is “to provide direction and treatment to DUI offenders in an effort to change their drinking and driving behavior and to reduce the risk they pose to the safety of the community”. This opportunity for change is afforded through monthly court interaction, monitoring of sobriety, probation supervision and participation in graduated levels of alcohol education and treatment.

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