Attorney Leonard Whitfield

Criminal Defense Attorney Leonard WhitfieldLeonard has been a practicing lawyer for over 45 years, with substantial time served in the Arizona criminal justice system. He served in the JAG Corps in the Army for 4 years, as well as 14 years specializing in tax and franchise law. His specialty at The Hogle Firm is in Criminal Law, where his extensive experience and expertise have proved invaluable for clients facing criminal charges.

Leonard is driven by the opportunity he has to represent and advocate for the accused, to ensure their fair treatment under the law. A significant event in Leonard’s career involved a case which changed Arizona law from convictions of not guilty by reason of insanity to guilty, but insane. He finds the most rewarding part of being an attorney is his ability to help clients mitigate the possible consequences they may be facing.

Leonard excels at helping clients understand the scope and procedures of the justice system. His diplomacy and skill in explaining the details of each case to his client and helping them with understanding the finer points, potential hazards and best-case scenarios for outcomes is what sets him apart as an outstanding advocate for clients.

Leonard graduated from Arizona State University in 1968 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and went on to receive his law degree from ASU in 1971.

Leonard and his wife have 5 children and 19 grandchildren. They enjoy family dinners, hiking and visiting interesting places.

Sport: Hiking
Vacation: Alaska, Branson, Sedona, DC
Heroes: Leonard admires President Trump because he’s a fighter, also Dennis Dairman, who recruited him to public defender’s office and taught him the ropes. He’s currently a superior court judge. Gordon B. Hinckley, one of the greatest people in the 20th century, and a true visionary in building temples for the LDS church is also Leonard’s hero.

What is your desired super power? To absolutely be able to determine truth from fiction

Who would play you in a movie about you? Clint Eastwood

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