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DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer in AZIn Gilbert, assault and battery are charged under the same statutes, and charges range from misdemeanor assault to felony aggravated assault. The Arizona assault Statutes also include charges for endangerment and threatening.

Whether you have a misdemeanor assault charge or aggravated assault charge, the penalties can be severe. You can be charged with an assault under a wide variety of circumstances, and charges can even be filed against you if you were merely defending yourself. Because there are so many different ways an assault charge can arise, there are as many different defenses that need to be explored. In our experience, it is best to have a criminal justice attorney begin to work your case four assault charges right away to make certain you have the best outcome at trial.

That’s where the Gilbert criminal defense attorney at The Hogle Law Firm, as your assault and battery lawyers, comes in.

As your assault defense lawyers, we will help you every step of the way to ensure that you understand your assault charges, are informed of all your potential consequences, and together we will ultimately formulate your best defense for your legal case. Perhaps your actions were accidental. Maybe you acted in self-defense, or out of fear for your own safety. You may have been acting in defense of another person. The criminal attorneys at The Hogle Law Firm will not only explore all possible defenses for your case, but we will also closely examine the actions of the police to ensure that your constitutional rights were protected before, during and after your arrest.

With the wide variety of assault charges in Gilbert, Arizona, starting with something as simple as the mere threat of violence to inflicting serious bodily harm on someone, the potential sentences range anywhere from a fine to a lengthy prison sentence. The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this road alone. By hiring The Hogle Law Firm as your criminal justice attorneys to represent you in your assault case, together we can find the best outcome for your situation. Contact one of our Assault Attorneys right away.

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Hiring the best attorney in Gilbert Arizona for a serious criminal case can be expensive. We understand that every client is coming from different circumstances in a tough economy, but we also believe that every person has the right to the best legal defense available. Because of our experience dealing with so many types of cases and clients, we are able to offer affordable legal fees and financing through payment plans when needed. That way you can be sure you get the best legal defense when it matters the most.

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